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This new 3DS is a huge mistake for nintendo

That cannot afford to pull a money grab like this.

And they definitely cannot afford to pull another confusing “Is the Wii U a new console or just an add on?” type confusion.

I mean seriously, a new 3DS with exclusive games that wont work on old 3DS’s? Whats the point other than to confuse your consumers?

For the love of god at least name it something else.

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Id love to think this was unintentional

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eisenblume said: What really? The Pardox ones? Are they sexist and shit? Doesn't sound like paradox but I don't hang there a lot anymore...

Its not Paradox who are the problem, its the people on the forums.

If you ever want to see how disgustingly racist, anti-semetic, and nationalistic people can be, go to the Crusader Kings 2 forums